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"By having a professional looking website, our customers took us seriously."
"Every client that comes in to our car lot says that they loved our website. What an ice breaker! I also noticed that by having a classy website makes it even easier to close someone."
"I had a website that had all the bells and whistles (even had window stickers), yet the design and navigation through my website didn't match nor flow. I should have known that if the website wouldn't sell them, that all the FLUFF that was given with my website, wasn't going to help to get customers to my lot."

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We all know that supermarket auto magazines are a great way for auto dealers to advertise their latest inventory. But just imagine if you could take one of those full-page ads, remove the space limitations, make it accessible to anyone with a computer 24 hours a day, add better features, more flexibility, more control, and actually reduce the cost?

That's The Easy Edit System in a nutshell - it's by far the easiest way to make your inventory readily available to the online market, and keep it current.

Every year more and more shoppers are comparing prices on the net long before they set foot on a car lot. Having your selection available online, and as up-to-date as possible, gives you an undenyable advantage over your competition.

Dollar for dollar, there's nothing else currently available that gives you so many benefits for so little money. Just compare the features of an auto magazine ad to those of an Easy Edit System website:

Auto MagazinesThe Easy Edit System
Photos are relatively small and fuzzyPhotos are large and crisp
Distributed in local area onlyAccessible worldwide
Available in stores and gas stationsAvailable from on any online computer
Available only during store hoursAvailable 24 hours a day
Space for photos and text is limitedStandard package displays up to 60 vehicles, with as much text as you want
Can only update as often as issues are distributedCan change anytime, instantly, from any online computer
Averages $500 a month and upCosts $99 a month

Don't get us wrong - we're not here to suggest that you shouldn't advertise in auto magazines. By all means, continue whatever advertising you're currently implementing. But why not get a lot more bang for your buck by adding your web address to all your advertisements? Shoppers will be able to visit your site for a more complete selection that's always up-to-date. The Easy Edit System makes it so easy and affordable, you really have no excuse not to!

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